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caliber by state infographic

Caliber By State

We heard a question, “what’s the most popular caliber in this state?”. We had our opinion, but decided to do a little research. After a bit of reading we weren’t surprised to see what the most preferred calibers are for each state were. Thanks to consumer research, online feedback, and some good old off the cuff opinion from and we have brought together a rough idea of the most common caliber used in each state. Taking into consideration that if the chart was solely decided on the number of rounds fired .22 Long Rifle would be the considered the favorite in each state by far. This chart takes into consideration the number of firearms sold for each caliber, the amount of ammo sold, and social trends for each area. For example, .22 LR is fired much more frequently in Alaska but the .300 Win Mag is an iconic round and widely used for hunting and takes the favorite spot for this state.

Unsurprisingly the 9MM is by far the most popular and most widely used caliber throughout the country. Considering the length of time it’s been in existence, its use by police and all military branches, and its general affordability it will always be a favorite round throughout the country for a long time to come. Also not surprisingly the .223/5.56 takes the second place and again for the same reasons. We hope this bit of fun and loosely interpreted scientific research peaked your shooting ears, if you feel like a state has been given the wrong round tell us why in the comments and share with your friends!